CASPR Conference Sponsor: Northern Medical Billing

Northern Medical Billing is the proud luncheon sponsor for the 2021 CASPR Conference.

As a young company, our priority is fast, efficient and comprehensive services. We have done our research. We use innovative and secure software to ensure we are protecting you and your patients information while maintaining efficient workflow practices that are PIA-approved. Oh, and every payment plan is personalized so you only pay for the services you need, when you need them. No contract, no monthly fee, no hidden fees.
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Whether you are a new physician, new to a province or are just too busy to keep up on all the billing changes, we are here to guide you and provide feedback and reports regularly.


Claim submission, WCB, private invoicing, special compensation programs, reconciliation, diligent follow-up…you name it, we do it. With a 98% payout rate and 4- day turn around, you receive more of your money faster.


We often provide our clients with a sense of relief knowing that their billing is being handled in a professional, timely manner. We continuously stay up to date on billing changes and education so

you don’t have to.


I have been using Northern Medical Billing for over five years now and cannot say enough about their exceptional product. The service is fast, efficient and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them. – Dr. Paul Linden, Emergency

GET IN TOUCH: 1-780-844-0656

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