Featured Member: Carlos Ealdama

Carlos Ealdama

Senior Marketing Consultant
HEABC – Recruitment Solutions

Vancouver, British Columbia

A marketing expert in the physician recruitment space, Carlos Ealdama leads the marketing department of the Health Employers Association of British Columbia (HEABC), an agency that coordinates the human resource and labour relations interests of more than 218 publicly funded health care employers in British Columbia. As a Senior Marketing Consultant, he manages the advertising and communications for programs such as Health Match BC, Locums for Rural BC, Practice-Ready Assessment BC, and the annual BC Health Care Awards. He is a high-performance professional with 17 years of experience in strategic media planning, customer engagement, and niche marketing, and he is bringing his wealth of expertise to CASPR Conference 2021.

Carlos’ seminar at CASPR 2021 will discuss how physician recruiters can get the most out of their social media communications, revealing best practices in digital strategizing and sourcing physician candidates with quality content – the secret to his success.

“Having a good mix of content is an excellent practice for every recruitment program or brand, especially on media channels that rely on a content marketing approach,” tells Carlos. “There is always opportunity for recruiters to inform, entertain, interact, and engage with their audiences, be it by promoting physician employment vacancies, specific communities and their selling points, and changes to licensing requirements and immigration laws. They can comment on related trends and news stories that are relevant locally, regionally, or across the country, in the case of international recruitment. There are so many ways to present and package content to keep it fresh and exciting for physicians.”

Carlos is originally from Toronto and has worked in Miami Beach and Los Angeles for major firms where he led the online strategies for global brands. Outside the office, he embraces being a kid at heart, creating multimedia (music, animation, and interactive puppet shows) with his children. He uses CASPR to access a network of like-minded professionals and as a means of sharing tools and best practices.

Hear more from Carlos at our upcoming 2021 Conference, happening virtually on May 13th and 14th.

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