CASPR Conference 2021 Agenda

Conference 2021: The Show Must Go On

Please note that all times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Act 1 – May 13th

11:00am EST Conference Opens
Welcome and Introductions
11:15am EST Video Introductions of Attendees
11:30am EST The Show Must Go On: Resilience and Pivoting with Change
Keynote by Michelle Ferreri
12:30pm EST Video Introductions of Attendees
12:45pm EST Nutrition Break
1:00pm EST Video Introductions of Attendees
1:15pm EST Recruitment Best Practices
Jamie Sitar, Medical Recruiter, Interior Health, and Laurie Nash, Director of Medical Recruitment, Chatham-Kent Family Health Team
2:30pm EST How COVID has Changed the Practice of Medicine
Physician Panel featuring Dr. Michelle Cohen, Dr. Michelle Snarr, Dr. Patricia Bryden, and Dr. Daniel Edgcumbe

3:30pm EST Wellness Break

Chair Yoga with Lindsay Keefe

3:45pm EST Healthcare and Professional Banking
Nadia Di Felice, Senior Manager Healthcare Specialist – Scotiabank and Jackie Carriere, CFP, Regional Vice-President – MD Management Limited
4:00pm EST Social Media for Physician Recruitment
Presented by Carlos Ealdama, Senior Marketing Consultant, HEABC – Recruitment SolutionsCarlos will discuss how physician recruiters can get the most out of their social media communications, revealing best practices in digital strategizing and sourcing physician candidates with quality content.
5:00pm EST Entertainment for the Whole Family
Durgy Spade, Illusionist
This is NOT a pre-recorded show. Everyone gets a front row seat, and experiences the journey together. Ready for your highly interactive, magical experience?
5:45pm EST Wrap Up of Act 1


Act 2: May 14th


11:00am EST Conference Opens
11:15am EST Retention Best Practices
Presented by Laurie Smith, Physician Liaison, Campbellford Memorial Hospital
12:30pm EST Engaging Medical Students and Residents
   Residents and Career Planning: Results from the National Resident Survey with Dr. Tehmina Ahmad
Presentation by University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine learners Sarah Hyett, Emily Bryson, and Emily Evans

1:30pm EST Nutrition Break
1:45pm EST Thriving in a Multi-Generational Workplace
Gary MacDonald of Clearview Consulting & Training Inc.
Around the world and across industries, more generations than ever before are working together. Increasingly, it is younger employees who are leading older team members, turning the established order on its head. This new scenario can cause problems but it also presents opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience. COVID brings added complexity, with people working remotely and utilizing various new technologies. This highly interactive workshop explores how to thrive within a multi-generational workplace.

In days gone by, it was common for just two age groups to be represented in the workplace. There were long-serving, “dyed-in-the-wool” old-timers and ambitious newcomers. Times have changed, and now you could find yourself working with as many as five generations. Broadly speaking, each one has its own set of preferences, styles, perspectives, and experiences. We will be exploring their traits and characteristics, and how they are frequently stereotyped. We will also be distinguishing the key differences between leadership & management skills in motivating an individual.

2:45pm EST Wellness Break
Massage with Stephanie Webb, RMT
3:00pm EST The Role of Communities in Recruiting
Dr. Stephen Cooper, Ontario Medical Association (OMA) District Chair for Northeastern Ontario
4:00pm EST Announcement of 2022 Conference Location
4:15pm EST Final Inspirational Words
Michelle Ferreri
4:30pm EST Wrap Up of Act 2 and Curtain Call


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