CASPR Communications Chair


The CASPR Communications Chair, through his/her leadership of the Communications Committee, is responsible for coordinating communications on behalf of the organization and in conjunction with the Chairperson and Executive.

Main Duties

  • The Communications Chair is a member of the CASPR Executive.
  • In conjunction with the Membership Chair, promotes the organization to potential members.
  • Creates benchmarking survey
  • Develops CASPR corporate identity materials, and communications vehicles and tools, including:
    • Review of all external documents to ensure consistent branding
    • Develops presentation templates
    • Creation of forms and guides (i.e. sponsorship guide, award and executive nomination forms, etc.)
    • Coordinates and develops the CASPR newsletter,The CASPR Connection
  • In conjunction with the Conference Co-Chairs and Sponsorship Chair, promotes CASPR’s Annual Conference to membership and external audiences.
  • Distributed post-conference survey
  • Ensures the conference is highlighted on social media, especially Twitter
  • Supports the Education Committee
  • Develops presentation templates and ensures consistent formatting of presentations
  • Distributes post-education session surveys
  • Reviews, recommends, and implements programs that market CASPR to healthcare executives, medical residency programs, and other healthcare professionals and educators.
  • Contributes to the CASPR website content with webmaster
    • Ensures consistent branding
    • Provides general advice and guidance
  • Supports the Sponsorship Chair
  • Oversees social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter)
  • Develops general surveys and communication via Survey Monkey and Mail Chimp
  • Press releases
  • Maintains and updates related communication policies and ensures compliance with relevant legislation
    • Communications policy
    • Social media policy
    • Relevant legislation (i.e. anti-spam legislation)


  • Two(2) years

Initially approved by the CASPR Exec: n/a

Last modified/updated: October 7, 2020

Last approved by the CASPR Exec: January 21, 2021