CASPR Conference Co-Chair


  • To plan and oversea the annual CASPR Conference.   The Conference is CASPR’s main event and an opportunity for members to gather, meet other members from across the country and share challenges and best practices.
  • When possible, it is recommended that one of the co-chairs live in the area where the conference is being hosted.


  • Two co-chairs as elected by the CASPR Members at the AGM or two members who volunteer to co-chair the annual CASPR conference.
  • The co-chairs will be members of the CASPR Executive for the term of their term.  Ideally each chair would have a two year term alternating each year.


  • To the CASPR Executive


  • Co-Chair to arrange and chair the monthly Conference Planning meeting starting 9 months – 12 months prior to the annual conference
  • Co-Chairs to attend the monthly executive meeting
  • Co-Chairs to determine if attendance at committee meetings is required.


  • Co-Chairs are responsible to organize the annual CASPR Conference including:
  • Confirm dates of conference with input from CASPR Executive
  • Confirming a venue – including meeting rooms, hotel & catering
  • Attending the annual conference planning meeting
  • Establish the conference sub committees and recruit volunteer members from across Canada to be members of the committees and determine a chair for each committee, to ensure appropriate representation and a manageable workload
  • Plan and Chair monthly conference calls with the assistance of the Planning Committee Secretary who will be appointed from the volunteers
  • Ensure conference call details and distribution of agendas and minutes
  • Follow up regarding action items from meeting minutes
  • Propose conference agenda & content consistent with national physician recruitment priorities, based on membership evaluations from previous conference
  • Invite & liaise with conference speakers ensuring topic details, power point presentations, handouts, contract details in consultation with treasure, travel arrangements and payments of final contracts
  • Provide CASPR treasurer (ad hoc member of Planning Committee) with conference financials every step of the way in consultation with CASPR Executive & Conference Planning Committee
  • Liaise with Executive Committee throughout planning cycle
  • Ensure appropriate communication with membership (ie: newsletter, emails…) and encourage participation at the conference
  • Co-Chair the conference and make sure that all details are taken care of during the conference
  • Arrange for door prize donations from CASPR members
  • Ensure conference is a revenue stream for CASPR


  • 10 months prior to event
    • Investigate potential venue locations and obtain a proposed cost of the venue including:
    • Hotel room price
    • Conference room rates
    • Catering
    • Attending the annual conference planning meeting to establish the following:
    • Dates
    • Venue
    • Agenda
  • 9-8 months prior to event
    • Put out a call for volunteers for the conference planning committees
    • Sponsorship Committee
    • Conference Materials
    • Social Committee
    • Logistics  Committee
    • Determine chairs for each committee
  • 8 months prior to event
    • Secure venue – including meeting rooms, hotel and catering
    • Set date for the first Conference Planning Committee meeting including the chairs from each conference committee – develop and distribute agenda
    • At first meeting set a monthly meeting time for the next 8 months
    • Present the proposed details for the venue and conference agenda as discussed at the Conference Executive Planning meeting
    • Begin the development of the conference agenda based on the input from the Executive and Conference Planning and begin to contact speakers
  • 7-2 months prior to event
    • Continue planning as noted above, holding month meetings and confirming details for successful conference
  • 1 months prior to event
    • Review all details of conference on a regular basis and make final arrangements as needed with conference committee chairs, speakers and venue.
    • Develop a final communication to share with attendees of the conference
    • Confirm nametag development & registration lists with the treasurer
  • At the conference
    • Be at the conference the Sunday evening prior to the conference
    • Monday morning connect with hotel staff to make sure all details are finalized
    • Make sure a registration table is ready for early registration on Monday evening
    • Chair the conference
  • After the conference
    • Ensure speakers have all been paid and any outstanding invoices for conference expenses have been taken care of
    • In conjunction with the treasure, complete the final conference budget.
    • Ensure all thank you letters have been forwarded to speakers and sponsors.
    • Provide Communication Chair with an article for the CASPR newsletter
    • Arrange for collation of the conference evaluations.

Initially approved by the CASPR Exec: March 9, 2010
Last modified/updated: May 11, 2014
Last approved by the CASPR Exec: May 11, 2014