CASPR Education Chair


The Education Chair is responsible for all aspects of education activities for CASPR members; Fellowship Programs, Professional Development sessions.

Main Duties

  • The Education Chair is a member of the CASPR Executive (attends strategy meeting & monthly teleconferences):
  • Responsible for developing,reviewing and implementing the education modules on a yearly basis for the CASPR Conference;
  • Recommend alternativemethods of delivery of education activities/modules other than yearly at the CASPR Conference;
  • Assure educationcontent is up to date and pertinent to the CASPR membership;
  • Determine which fellowship to be offered at CASPR Conference on a yearly basis;
  • Recruit speakers for the module topicspresented at the CASPR Conference on a yearly basis;
  • Develop an annual evaluation questionnaire of the modules to the CASPR membership following the yearly Conference;
  • Providethe feedback results with the Board.  Incorporate any relevant comments into the content of the modules;
  • Provideto Communications Committee information to be shared via various formats.


  • Two(2) years


Initially approved by the CASPR Exec: n/a

Last modified/updated: October 7, 2020

Last approved by the CASPR Exec: January 21, 2021