CASPR Membership Chair


The Membership Chair is responsible for the membership on behalf of the organization in conjunction with the Chairperson and Executive.

Main Duties

  • The Membership Chair is a member of the CASPR Executive (attends strategy meeting & teleconferences)
  • Responsible for developing strategies to increase the CASPR membership and ensure membership satisfaction
  • Provides support to members and the CASPR executive
  • Promotes the organization to potential members in conjunction with the Communications Chair and Committee
  • Drafts articles for the CASPR quarterly newsletter, The CASPR Connection (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • Develops and analyzes the Annual Membership Survey


  • Two(2)¬†years

    Initially approved by the CASPR Exec: January 2012

    Last modified/updated: October 20, 2020

    Last approved by the CASPR Exec: January 21, 2021