CASPR Sponsorship Chair


The CASPR Sponsorship Chair is responsible for overseeing the procurement of a number of companies/organizations to provide sponsorship for the annual CASPR Conference at a variety of sponsorship levels.

Main Duties

  • Collect sponsor demographic information and send invitation package inviting them to participate as sponsors. Do proper follow up to answer any questions and discuss features and benefits of sponsorship.
  • Support Vice Chair and/or Chair with sponsorship requests as required.
  • Once confirmed, request logos and advertisements (if applicable) and communicate level of sponsorship with Conference Committee including individual needs re space, electrical, internet, etc.
  • Request CASPR treasurer to prepare appropriate invoices
  • Coordinate signage for the conference including any table top signs
  • Ensure sponsors are integrated into the conference appropriately.
  • Work with conference committee and sponsorship reps to support shared goals.
  • Prepare thank you letters for sponsors after the Conference inviting them to next year’s event and asking them for feedback.


  • Two (2) Years

Initially approved by the CASPR Exec: March 9, 2010

Last modified/updated: January 17, 2021

Last approved by the CASPR Exec: January 21, 2021