CASPR Code of Conduct

  1. To represent the recruiting profession with dignity and integrity.
  2. To maintain a sense of objectivity, understanding and fairness in my professional performance and in my personal relations.
  3. To respect and protect the rights, privileges and beliefs of others.
  4. To encourage, assist and teach my colleagues the principles and practices of physician recruitment.
  5. To accurately and completely represent practice opportunities and communities to physician candidates.
  6. To provide all of the pertinent information necessary to make an informed decision to both candidates and health care entities and communities.
  7. To accurately and completely represent the candidates, their professional preparation, background, interests and expectations to the health care entity and the community.
  8. To maintain confidentiality in all of my dealings with full recognition of the impact that knowledge could have on the careers of the professionals I work with and the effect these people will have on their patients.
  9. To respect the physician recruitment profession and commit myself to ongoing education that will enhance the profession and develop my personal expertise in the field.
  10. To comply with all Provincial and Federal Laws relating to hiring practices.