ASPR Conference Funding for CASPR Executive Members Policy



The purpose of this policy is to establish formal guidelines regarding the attendance of two CASPR Executive members to attend the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR) annual conference.


Whereas ASPR is CASPR’s USA sister organization and many of the policies and guidelines of CASPR have been based on the ASPR organization, the CASPR Executive will determine on an annual basis if they support the attendance and see value in two CASPR Executive members attending the ASPR conference and be fully reimbursed for attendance.

This opportunity will first be offered to the CASPR Chair and one additional executive member.

In January of each year, the Executive will determine whether they wish to send the Chair, and one other executive member to the conference. If yes, the Chair will send an email request to all the executive and find out who is interested in attending. Once all names have been submitted, there will be a draw to determine who will attend. If the Chair determines he/she will not attend, then two names will be drawn. An executive member will not be sponsored to attend more than once in five years unless they move from another position to the Chair position or if there is no one else that wishes to attend.

Eligible Reimbursements:

  • Conference registration
  • Economy airfare
  • Accommodation
  • Meal receipts (alcohol & room service will not be included)
  • Transportation to & from airport

All claims must adhere to CASPR travel policy parameters and executive member will make every effort to find the most economical way to travel and be conscious of the financial restraints of the organization.


A travel claim form, accompanied with original receipts will be submitted to the CASPR treasurer following the conference, for reimbursement.

Report to Executive:

At the next executive meeting following the ASPR conference the attendees will submit a written report to the executive about the conference.


Drafted: April 21, 2015
Reviewed by CASPR Exec.: April 21, 2015
Second review by CASPR Exec.:  April 21, 2015
Approved by CASPR Exec.: April 21, 2015