The purpose of this policy is to define eligibility, ineligibility, annual membership fees and payment schedule for membership for CASPR.

Membership Eligibility

  1. Membership shall be open to those physician recruitment professionals who are engaged in the recruitment, onboarding and retention of physicians to serve the healthcare needs of the community(s), provinces, and territories they represent, and who are employed by organizations including hospitals, hospital corporations, clinics, health regions or authorities, public sector municipal, provincial or federal government agencies.
  2. Independent contractors and self-employed physician recruiters who are contracted directly to recruit for a single healthcare organization that employs physicians.
  3. Individuals who do not actively recruit, but are directly involved in the recruitment, onboarding, and/or retention process, have supervisory responsibilities for physician recruitment professionals or are actively engaged in physician education, residency or fellowship programs (such as health care executives, residency directors and coordinators).

 Membership Ineligibility

Employees from third-party search firms or who are affiliated with a third-party search firm are not eligible for CASPR membership.


All individuals seeking membership in CASPR are required to complete and submit a CASPR membership application.  Membership status is contingent upon approval by the Board, Membership Committee or their designee.  CASPR reserves the right to deny membership to those who do not meet our mission and values.

 Membership Fees

  1.  Annual membership fees shall be established by the Board and may be amended from time-to-time by the Board in its discretion.
  2. The current annual membership fee is $175.00 for the Calendar Year (January-December)
  3. In the event of any member being ninety (90) days in arrears of annual membership fees, the Treasurer shall give the member ten (10) days’ final notice of arrears. If the membership fees are not paid within that ten (10) day notice period, the member in default shall cease to be a member.
  4. A member shall not be entitled to vote or have other privileges of membership during the period in which their membership fees remain outstanding.
  5. A member may be reinstated by payment of all arrears in full.

 Interim Status

  1.  In the event a member becomes unemployed during the current membership year, or is in a career transition out of physician recruitment, the member may retain interim status for the remainder of the membership year.
  2. Interim status will allow the individual to retain membership and be eligible for membership benefits.
  3. Interim status members will continue to have voting privilege and may continue to hold a Director, or any standing committee position that was held prior to becoming interim status, at the discretion of the Board.
  4. In the event the individual becomes employed, and no longer meets the eligibility for membership based on the criteria above, their membership will be terminated.

Drafted: April 14, 2014
Revised: April 23, 2016
Approved by CASPR Exec.: April 23, 2016