To establish a guideline for members of the CASPR Board, for reimbursement of expenses incurred while travelling for CASPR business.



Purpose and duration of travel must be pre-approved by the Board. Travel expense claim form must be submitted using the approved expense form (Appendix A).


Allowable Expenses (with original receipts):

  • Air travel at the¬†economy class
  • Shuttle or taxi between home, airport and hotel
  • Travel by private vehicle will be reimbursed at a rate of $0.52/km
  • Actual cost of hotel accommodation with original receipt
  • Meal costs up to $80/day


Ineligible Expenses:

  • Entertainment, alcohol, sporting events or recreational expenses (i.e. movie rentals)
  • Laundry & valet services
  • Child or elder care while travelling
  • Parking or traffic violations & any expenses resulting from unlawful conduct
  • Late payment charges/penalties
  • Vehicle repairs or maintenance for personal or rental vehicles
  • Expenses for spouses or other family members accompanying claimant
  • Other expenses not specifically approved by the Board (i.e. additional insurance)


Drafted: May 11, 2010
Reviewed by CASPR Exec.: May 11, 2010
Second review by CASPR Exec.: May 11, 2010
Approved by CASPR Exec.: May 11, 2010
Last updated: April 23, 2016
Last approved: April 23, 2016