Executive Area – Committees – Communications Committee Terms of Reference


To provide recommendations to the Board on matters related to communication and engagement. To oversee and implement communication activities.


  • Review CASPR’s communications strategy annually to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the association in communicating its mission, vision, and values.
  • Ensure that member knowledge, skills, ability, and experience are utilized to enhance the quality of the association’s communications.
  • Make suggestions on topics or issues that should be addressed by CASPR in its various communications tools, and provide perspective during the development of various communications and engagement activities.
  • Oversee, design, and develop The Connections newsletter (quarterly) as well as press releases when required.

Reporting Relationship:

The committee reports through the Communications Chair to the Board. The committee must submit a report of its activities to the Board annually.


  • The total members shall not exceed 8, including a member of the Board.
  • Appointments are determined by the Board.
  • Any committee member may resign upon written notification to the Communications Chair.

Voting rights:

  • Each committee member is entitled to one vote on all matters coming before the Communications Committee.

Meeting Schedule:

  • As required to fulfill its mandate and responsibilities.


  • Via teleconference.


  • Developed by the Communications Chair, with input from committee members.

Conflict-of-Interest Disclosure:

  • Members must declare conflicts of interest prior to the discussion.
  • A conflict of interest refers to situations in which personal, occupational or financial considerations may affect or appear to affect the objectivity or fairness of decisions related to the committee activities. A conflict of interest may be real, potential or perceived in nature. Individuals must declare potential conflicts to the Communications Chair and must either absent themselves from the discussion and voting, or put the decision to the committee on whether they should absent themselves.

Amendment to the Terms of Reference:

  • The Board may amend committee terms of reference at any time and from time to time.