Policies & Guidelines – Conference Funding for Executive Members Policy

Last reviewed/approved: February 1, 2013

Conference Funding for Executive Members Policy


To establish a designated fund for CASPR Executive members, whose funding has changed during their term as a CASPR Executive member, which would allow them to attend the CASPR conference.


CASPR Executive members are a vital part of the planning, organization and running of the annual CASPR Conference. It is recognized that working in non-profit organizations that funding restrictions such as travel can be implemented on very short notice, as a result, members are unable to attend the CASPR conference. The Executive member’s participation in the conference is considered an important aspect of the responsibilities and duties.

Up to a maximum of $5000 would be set aside, if needed, for consideration for distribution to Executive members whose organization will not be able to assist with paying for CASPR conference attendance.

The $5000 will be equally divided between any applicable CASPR Executive members (this will include the cost of the conference registration). Each Executive member will be required to submit an application for funds 4 months prior to the conference (emergency situations will be considered) outlining why they are unable to attend the conference without support. Included with the application will be the amount of financial support needed. Eligible reimbursement will include economy air travel (or .52 per km if travelling by car), accommodation at conference hotel (shared if possible), meals with receipts, (alcohol & room service will not be included), transportation to & from airport. The conference registration will also be covered. Due to financial constraints of organization the Executive member will make every effort to find the most economical way to travel such as renting a car, seat sales for airfare and sharing accommodations.

Upon receipt of the application, the remainder of the Executive will review the application and determine how the money will be divided and notify each member accordingly.

Original receipts will be submitted to the CASPR treasurer following the conference, for reimbursement.

The expectation of being a CASPR Executive Member is that the members will make every effort to attend the CASPR Conference. Prior to letting their name stand for a CASPR Executive position, members will be encouraged to obtain approval from manager/department head to be part of the Executive and attend the annual conference. The nominating committee will make consideration for executive members who term is ending, whether they will be eligible to let their name stand for an additional term.

Drafted : Dec 17, 2012
Reviewed by CASPR Exec. : Dec 18, 2012
Second review by CASPR Exec. :  Jan 28, 2013
Approved by CASPR Exec.:  Feb 1, 2013