Executive Area – Committee – Sponsorship Committee Deliverables

Last updated: August 10, 2009


To ensure that a significant number of companies/organizations provide sponsorship for the annual CASPR Conference at a variety of sponsorship levels.

Committee Membership:

  • Six (6) members from across Canada
  • One member to be designated as Chair by the Conference Planning Committee


  • To the Conference Co-Chairs


  • Chair to attend the monthly Conference Planning meeting starting 9 months prior to the conference.
  • Chair to arrange 8 to 10 Sponsorship Committee teleconference meetings, as needed.


  • Accurately collect demographic information for each sponsor including the following:
    • Company name
    • Contact person
    • Contact info for thank you letter if different than initial contact
    • Address
    • Email, Phone
    • Logo and one page advertisement insert (if applicable) for conference binder
    • Track receipt of sponsorship donation & promotional requirements
  • Send invitation package to potential sponsors by mail, email or phone with personal follow-up within two weeks of initial invitation and thereafter until a commitment is secured.
  • Once sponsorship confirmed, request logos & one page advertisements (if applicable) and forward to assigned member on Conference Materials Committee (Sponsorship Chair to liaise with Conference Materials Chair to confirm designated committee members are identified to ensure a seamless process). This information will be used for the conference binder, poster, tent cards & thank you certificates.
  • Inform CASPR treasurer of companies agreeing to sponsor so s/he will be aware of monies anticipated. The committee can determine the best process for sending out invoices to sponsors.
  • Identify individual needs: space, electrical & internet needs of sponsors and communicate with Logistics Committee Chair.
  • Prepare thank you letters signed by Co-Chairs and confirm with Conference Material Chair, thank you certificates are ready for distribution at conference.

Deliverables (8 months prior to event):

  • Sponsorship Committee to meet for the first time- arranged by Chair
  • Assign a member to take minutes/notes
  • Designated individual committee members to be responsible for each of the deliverables
  • Develop an invitation package to be sent to potential conference sponsors across Canada. Documentation to be provided by the Conference Planning Committee. Package will provide information and criteria for the sponsors to make an informed decision regarding involvement. Package to include:
    • Letter of invitation from Conference Co-Chairs
    • Sponsorship levels
    • Sponsorship application form
  • Confirm number of sponsorship opportunities with the Conference Co-Chairs (may be subject to space availability)
  • Ensure sponsorship information from previous years has been received from Conference Planning Committee
  • Solicit names and contact information of suggested sponsors from CASPR members

Deliverables (3 to 7 months prior to event):

  • Contact potential sponsors
  • Ongoing follow-up with interested inquiries until a definitive response is received
  • Continue with assigned responsibilities as noted above

Deliverables (2 months prior to event):

  • Ensure the collection of sponsor funds 60 days prior to the Conference and other responsibilities as noted above
  • Communicate identified sponsorship needs to Logistics Committee Chair as identified on sponsorship application form

Deliverables (1 month prior to event):

  • Forward sponsorship information to the Conference Materials Committee for production of Sponsorship Certificates
  • Ensure any last minute submissions of logos, etc. are forwarded to Conference Materials for binder and poster

Deliverables (at event)

  • Ensure poster and tent cards are placed appropriately on tables and buffet table as per sponsorship level
  • Package with thank you letters signed by Conference Co-Chairs and appreciation certificates included for each sponsor