Mentorship Program

CaSPR Mentorship Program


CaSPR’s Mentorship Program has been developed to offer new and seasoned recruiters the opportunity to: share best practices, offer advice, develop fresh ideas and provide guidance to one another.

It allows the opportunity to showcase one of CaSPR’s greatest benefits: Collegiality.

The Mentor/Mentee introduction will be made via email by the Mentorship Program Lead: Carly Cox
The program mentor/mentee relationship will be formally part of the program for the membership year (Jan-Dec). Although, we do hope the relationship continues informally past the term!

Thank you for participating in the program and we hope you find value in it!





  • Mentors will review CaSPR benefits and resources
  • Annual Conference
  • CaSPR Newsletter
  • Resource Library on website
  • Share with your mentee:
    • What they have found to be successful (and not successful)
    • To share example forms, policies, etc.
    • For recommendations on how to overcome any obstacles you are experiencing
  • Meet with mentee at least once per month
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding shared information
  • Be prepared to share advice and expertise with respect to all aspects of physician recruitment and retention
  • Participate in evaluation of program annual (brief survey)


  • Complete the following questions:
    1. What short- and long-term goals do you have as a physician recruiter?
    2. What areas do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses?
    3. How can your Mentor help?
  • Be prepared:
    • Have a written list of questions before each meeting. (Well thought out questions can help you benefit the most from your time with your Mentor.)
    • Ask your mentor:
      1. What they have found to be successful (and not successful)
      2. To share example forms, policies, etc.
      3. For recommendations on how to overcome any obstacles you are experience
      4. Any other questions you have!
  • Be receptive to ideas and constructive criticism
  • Accept personal responsibility for career development
  • Set goals and timetables for completion of projects and invite reflections on progress towards them;
  • Be open about thoughts and feelings, provide feedback on what works and what doesn’t;
  • Undertake honest self-assessment regularly;
  • Share mistakes and perceived areas for improvement;
  • Identify barriers to goal achievement and provide potential solutions;
  • Maintain confidentiality of relationship; and
  • Commit time and energy to mentor/mentee relationship
  • Participate in evaluation of program annually (brief survey)



  • Carly Cox (Mentorship Program Lead) will reach out quarterly for program feedback
  • A short survey will be required to be completed at the end of the mentorship year.



If you are interested, in joining this program, please email