Hi Everyone, I am new to CASPR and am hoping the members can help me out. I have been tasked with doing an ‘environmental’ scan across other organizations to see what they are doing in terms of physician recruitment. I will be using this information to put together an annual recruitment plan and budget. We are trying to find ways to become more competitive in the marketplace. The questions I am looking to get answered are as follows:

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Posted by unknown
Asked on 2015-02-03 1:45 pm
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Sorry it took so long to repost, but I haven’t been on the site in a long time.

I have only been at this for less than a year so by no means am I an expert. I am currently working on a fundraising plan, and as for recruitment – I am working closely with HFO (not sure what province you are in and if this would apply), the University of Ottawa (to try to get our docs accredited to take residents) and making sure our students all have a great time when they are here. With our proximity to Ottawa (1hr) the Ottawa U career fair is also a good source for us.

My budget covers marketing, creating turnkey office space for physicians, subsidized rent, my hourly rate and expenses, legal and accounting, and lunches/events. We did do advertising in journals / yearbooks for Ottawa U but could not find a direct correlation in candidates, so will be trying other events like first year med school week, or other university career fairs/events/conferences.

Hope that is helpful. If you require any clarification please email at ltromp@arnpriorhealth.ca


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Posted by Laura Tromp
Answered on 2015-04-29 6:54 pm